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Montpellier, August 29 to September 03, 2010



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Day 3: Wednesday September 1st
Corum conference center


“The Heart and the Art of Agronomy” :
Scientific advances and challenges of Agronomy as a Science

Sessions of the three new European Society for Agronomy divisions, topics will be defined by the scopes of each division:

  • D1: Crop System Biology: The functioning of the plant in a field (S3.1)

    This symposium covers research on plant function and development in the context of a cultivated field. Emphasis is on the function of individual plants in plant populations utilising both laboratory, field and model based science including phenology, architecture, photosynthesis, transpiration, mineral nutrition, stress, plant competition and source-sink interactions. Focus is sought on research linking genomic, genetic and crop physiology approaches.

    Chairs: Dimah Habash (Rothamsted Research, UK) and Xinyou Yin (Wageningen University, the Netherlands)

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  • D2: Field Scale Agroecology: The cultivated field as an ecosystem (S3.2)

    Focus is on the systemic approach to design and assess cropping systems at field level, responding to various objectives: pest protection, water, nutrients and energy efficiency, food and feed supply, reduction of greenhouse gases. It will identify scientific outcomes and challenges for ecological intensification of multifunctional cropping systems. This division is dealing with the analysis and management of a cultivated field, considered as a complex -and generally heterogeneous- ecosystem made of a monospecific or a plurispecific plant population, a soil and the associated flora and fauna among which weeds, diseases and pests in a context of global change or not. The heterogeneity in a field has sometimes to be considered to manage pests, energy and water and it results in studies dealing with precision agriculture, which is also in the scope of this division.

    Chairs: Muriel Valantin-Morison (INRA Grignon, France) and Christian Gary (INRA Montpellier, France)

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  • D3: Cropping Systems at Farm, Regional and Global Scales: the Cropping System in its embedding systems (S3.3)

    This symposium will cover research relevant to agricultural production and its environmental effects on the farm, the regional and the global level. It will link research on different time scales with various regional scales and will identify major methodological advances in complex assessment systems using indicators systems and modelling approaches.
    The question of indicators will be addressed in each session considering potential and limits at each level.

    Chairs: Olaf Christen (Martin Luther University, Germany) and Marc Benoit (INRA Mirecourt, France)

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The ESA General Assembly will take place after the divisions sessions, from 5pm to 6.30pm in Einstein auditorium.

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