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Montpellier, August 29 to September 03, 2010



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© Montpellier SupagroDay 4: Friday September 3rd

La Gaillarde campus



Symposium "Environmental Change and Sustainable Agricultural Systems"

Chair: Peter Gregory (SCRI), John Ingram (NERC/GECAFS) and Jean François Soussana (INRA)

The organisers of the ECSAS Workshop are very pleased with the interest that has been shown in the workshop but due to the pressures of numbers we have needed to close registration for it. A report will be available to interested parties after the event.

The Climate Congress and Agriculture Day in Copenhagen in March 2009 demonstrated the importance of agriculture from the perspectives of the foundation of food security, the interactions between food, energy and water securities for human societies, and its role both as a source and mitigating agent of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. However, the agricultural research community is currently poorly coordinated in making its voice heard in these international discussions.
A small group met in London in February 2010 to determine whether there was any scope for an international programme to increase the visibility of agricultural issues in relation to the current debates about environmental change and food security. The meeting agreed the need for such a programme and that it should focus on sustainable agricultural systems in the developed world, thereby complementing the work to be carried out by the CGIAR Mega Program “Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security” (CCAFS) in the developing world. The two endeavours would be closely coordinated. The new programme would address specific challenges that would form part of the developed world’s contribution to the global food challenge, and the transfer of research and knowledge to developing countries would be an important component of any work carried out. The purpose of this Montpellier Workshop is to identify the research areas that might form the core of this new programme.

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Day 4: Friday September 3rd

CIRAD - Jacques Alliot auditorium - Lavalette campus

Seminar “Agronomy and ecology for an ecological intensification of agriculture in the tropics: which challenges for science?”

Chair: Eric Malézieux (CIRAD, UR HortSys) and Jacques Wéry (Montpellier SupAgro, UMR System)


For registration and information please contact Frédérique Espinasse or Sandrine Renoir.

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