AGRO2010    The International Scientific Week around Agronomy

Montpellier, August 29 to September 03, 2010



Oral presentations
   S1 - “Agronomy for
  Sustainable Development”

   S2 - Parallel symposia
   S3 - ESA Division meetings
   S4 - "Innovation and
  Decision Support in

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Day 1: Monday August 30
Corum conference center - Pasteur auditorium


Chairs: Bernard Hubert (Agropolis International) and Jacques Wery (Montpellier SupAgro)

S1 - International symposium “Agronomy for Sustainable Development”

Welcome by Bernard Hubert (Agropolis International President, France)
• Welcome by Anne-Yvonne Le Dain (Vice-President, Languedoc-Roussillon Region)
Introduction to Agro2010 by Jacques Wery (ESA President)


Welcome Bernard Hubert
Agropolis International president


Introduction by Jacques Wéry
ESA President

S.1.1: Will agriculture be able to adapt to climate change and at which scale can we act?

Introduction to session S1.1 by Bernard HubertAgropolis International

Keynote speaker: Frank Ewert (Bonn Univ., Germany)
Climate change impacts on agriculture and options for adaptation: Challenges for multiscale modelling and assessment

Round table

• François Houllier (Dep. Director General INRA, France)
• Marcello Donatelli (DG JRC MARS Unit - ISPRA and CRA - Bologna, Italy)
• Zvi Hochman (CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences/ Climate Adaptation Flagship /APSRU, Australia)


S.1.2: Ecological intensification of Cropping Systems: theoretical concept or operational solution?

Chair: Michel Griffon (ANR, France)

Keynote speakers: Elias Ferreres (Cordoba Univ., Spain)
Ecological intensification of agricultural production



Introduced and concluded by a short presentation on Farmers and students point of view (by Aurelie Perrin, Constance Demestihas and Montpellier SupAgro students)

"What does ecological intensification mean to master students"


Round table

• Lucie Polge de Combret (Advini, France)
• Antoine Talhouk (AgroSud, France)
• Anne-Lucie Wack (Agropolis Fondation, France)


S1.3: Conservation agriculture: Did we fail in Africa and which research priorities for the future ?

Introduction to session S1.3 by Ken E. Giller (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

Keynote speaker: Marc Corbeels et al. (CIRAD, France)
Tailoring conservation agriculture to local contexts and conditions of smallholder farmers in Africa corbeels

Round table

• Michael Jenrich (FAO Emergency Rehabilitation Programme, Zimbabwe)
• Justice Nyamangara (ICRISAT, Zimbabwe)
• Gerd Dercon (AIEA, Vienna, Austria)


S1.4: Will we have enough to feed the world?

Chair: Jacques Wery (Montpellier SupAgro, France)

Keynote speaker: Martin K. van Ittersum (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
Will the world have enough to eat ?


Round table

• Patrick Caron (DRS CIRAD, Montpellier, France)
• Constance Bourgeois (BASF, France)
• Graeme Hammer (Univ. Queensland, Australia)


S1.5: Farming system design: which role for research extension and agro-industry

Chair: Jacques Wery (Montpellier SupAgro, France)

Keynote speaker: Bernard Raynaud (IN VIVO, France)
Productive and Ecological Agriculture Strategy, organization and needs of the InVivo network


Round table

• Oliver Oliveros (Agropolis Fondation)
• Peter De Voil (QLD primary Industries, Toowoomba, Australia)
• Harold Roy-Macauley (Director of Programs, West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development ,WECARD/CORAF, Sénégal)



S1.6: Is Agronomy back in professionals and academic curricula?

Introduction to session S1.6 by Bernard Hubert (Agropolis International, France)

Keynote speaker: John Porter (ESA, Denmark)
Agronomy as the science of primary food production

Round table

• Sébastien Crépieux (UE-DG research, Unit 4, Belgium)
• Thomas Nesme (ENITA Bordeaux, France)
• Kenneth G Cassman (Univ. Nebraska, USA)



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