AGRO2010    The International Scientific Week around Agronomy

Montpellier, August 29 to September 03, 2010



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Day 3: Wednesday September 1st
Corum conference center - Rondelet room


Cropping Systems at Farm, Regional and Global Scales: the Cropping System in its embedding systems (S3.3)

Chairs: Olaf Christen (Martin Luther University, Germany) and Marc Benoit (INRA Mirecourt, France)

S.3.3.1: Farm scale design of cropping systems

Chair: Marc Benoit (INRA Mirecourt, France)


Keynote speaker: Henning Kage (Kiel University, Germany)
Multi-criteria assessment and optimization of cropping systems: What do we have and what do we need?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) as a tool to design eco-friendly horticultural systems (Claudine Basset-Mens, CIRAD ,France)
A model-aid procedure to design and evaluate cropping plans to improve sustainability of farm systems (Santiago Dogliotti Moro, Facultad de Agronomía - Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Modelling farmers' decisions on crop sequences and crop on-farm localisation: from arable farms to market-gardeners management decisions (Marie Mawois, Montpellier SupAgro, France)
Cropping system evaluation for maize with family farmers using a multi-criteria approach ( Eric Scopel, CIRAD, Madagascar)
Comparing Organic and Conventional Agriculture (Guiliano Vitali, DiSTA - Univ.Bologna, Italy)

S 3.3.2: Cropping system design and assessment at landscape level

Chair: Olaf Christen (Martin Luther University, Germany)

Keynote speaker: Walter A.H. Rossing (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
Designing multifunctional agro-landscapes

A model to simulate sunflower oilseed production over the supplying area of an agricultural cooperative (Philippe Debaeke, INRA Toulouse, France)
Spatial variability of agro-environmental functions fulfilment in a Mediterranean agricultural landscape (Elisa Marraccini, Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Italy)
Assessing potential additions to crop yields from shallow water tables for smallholder farmers during the Rabi season in southern Bangladesh (Perry Poulton, CSIRO, Australia)
Modelling farmers’ decisions of splitting agricultural plots at different time scales: a contribution for modelling landscape spatial configuration (Noémie Schaller, INRA Grignon, France)
Collaborative Modelling to Mitigate Soil Erosion Risk at Field, Farm & Catchment Scales in Northern Thailand (Guy Trebuil, CIRAD, France)

S 3.3.3: Cropping system design and assessment at larger scales

Chair: Marcello Donatelli (JRC and CRA, Italy)

Keynote speaker: Holger Meinke (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
Multiple drivers of change – a challenge for cropping systems designers and managers

Supporting Change in Farming Systems Research (Peter De Voil, QLD-PI, Australia)
Use of soil hydraulic and mechanical models for mapping compaction risks on the French territory (Christine Le Bas, INRA Orléans, France)
A curvilinear process-based phenological model to study impacts of climatic change on grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) (Iñaki Garcia de Cortazar-Atauri, EU-JRC, Italy)
Application of the Model-Based Knowledge System LandCaRe DSS to Pilot Regions for Climate Change Adaptation in Germany – Analyses at Regional and Local Scale (Barbara Köstner, Dresden University of Technology, Germany)
Effects of high prices on Farming systems across the European Union (Marcel Adenauer, Bonn University, Germany)




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