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Day 2: Tuesday August 31
Corum conference center - Rondelet room / Sully room


Symposium "Assessment and design of agro-ecological technologies and policies for sustainable development in agricultural regions" (S2.3)

Chairs: Robert Lifran (INRA Montpellier, France), Martin van Ittersum (Wageningen University, The Netherlands) and Jacques-Eric Bergez (INRA Toulouse, France)


S.2.3.1: Yield gap analysis: Implications for research and policy on food security and land use change
Chairs: Martin K. van Ittersum (Wageningen University, The Netherlands) and Kenneth G. Cassman (University of Nebraska, USA)


Keynote speaker: Kenneth G. Cassman (University of Nebraska, USA)
Yield gap analysis: Implications for Research and Policy

S.2.3.1-A: Effects of climate, heat stress and scaling
Heat stress and global wheat production (Senthold Asseng, CSIRO, Australia)
Analysis of the stagnation of wheat yields in France (Nadine Brisson, INRA Avignon, France)
Development of a crop modelling system for regional yield estimation (Reimund Rötter, MTT Agrifood Research, Finland)
Hot-spots of heat-stress damage for rice and wheat crops due to climate change (Frank Ewert, Univ. Bonn, Germany)

S.2.3.1-B: Yield gap analysis, food security and resource use efficiencies
Recent Trends in Closing the Yield Gap of Major Global Crops (James Gerber, University of Minnesota, USA)
Rice yields and yield gaps in Southeast Asia: Past trends and future outlook (Alice Laborte, ITC, University of Twente, The Netherlands)
Narrowing yield gaps to increase the land carrying capacity in Northern China (Changhe Lu, IGSNRR-CAS, China)
Using crop models to evaluate climatic yield potential and yield gaps from resource limitation and pest damage (Kenneth Boote, University of Florida, USA)
Farming near yield potential: irrigated Maize in the western U.S. Corn-Belt (Patricio Grassini, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)

Biofuels and land use change (John Sheehan, University of Minnesota, USA )

S 2.3.1-C: Closing the yield gap
Closing the yield gap under uncertain weather (François Affholder, CIRAD, France)
Identification and elimination of yield gaps in oil palm plantations in Indonesia (Thomas Fairhurst, Tropical Crop Consultants Limited, UK)
Closing the gap between water limited and actual wheat yields in a variable climate (Zvi Hochman, CSIRO, Australia)
Fertiliser use, soil responsiveness and yield gaps in cotton-based cropping systems of N Cameroon (Pablo Tittonell, CIRAD, France)
Changing Influences of Crop Rotation and Tillage Systems on Achieving Potential Maize Yields (Tony J. Vyn, Purdue University, USA)

S 2.3.2: Interdisciplinary approaches to assess and design farming systems at regional scales
Chair: Jacques-Eric Bergez (INRA Toulouse, France)


Keynote speaker: André Torre (AgroParisTech, France)
Technical and organisational devices: the governance of creation and diffusion of innovations at the level of rural and agricultural territories

Multi-criteria evaluation of cropping systems: systems: multi
attributes hierarchies and linear programming methods
(Francois Affholder, CIRAD, France)
Co-Innovation as a strategy to develop sustainable farm systems in South Uruguay (Santiago Dogliotti Moro, Facultad de Agronomía - Universidad de la República, Uruguay)
Adaptive farming practices in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (Jessica Milgroom, Wageningen University, The Netherlands)

S 2.3.3: Assessment, design, coordination and implementation of public policies for productive and multifunctional cropping systems
Chair: Robert Lifran (INRA Montpellier, France)


Keynote speaker: Hervé Guyomard (INRA Paris, France)
Promoting sustainable farming systems: what role for public policies?

Public Goods from agriculture in the context of CAP reform (Jozsef Popp, Hungaria)
Broadening the scope of regulation: a prerequisite for a positive contribution of transgenic crop use to sustainable development (Michel Fok, CIRAD, France)
Assessing farm responses to the uncertainty of climate change: Application to an irrigated area in Northern Tunisia (Hatem Belhouchette, IAM.M, France)
A method combining simulation models and on farm surveys for ex ante assessment of agro-ecological innovations (Jean-Marc Blazy, INRA, French West Indies)
Integrated assessment of agricultural land use policies reducing nutrient pollution in Taihu Basin, China (Pytrik Reidsma, Wageningen University, The Netherlands )


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