AGRO2010    The International Scientific Week around Agronomy

Montpellier, August 29 to September 03, 2010



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NEWSLETTER #6 - September 2010


Dear Agro2010 participants

I hope all of you enjoyed the Agro2010 congress and had a safe trip back home. We were 607 participants coming from 56 countries and I wish to thank all of you for your participation that made this first agronomy congress in Montpellier a success.

The updated programme and participants list are online on the website. A new page with videos and photos releases is now available and is still under update. If you wish to add your photos to this gallery, please send them to

Oral presentations

We plan to upload the 147 papers presented during the congress (in pdf format), along with the video of the plenary session held in Pasteur room on Monday August 30th.

In case you do not agree to have your presentation online in pdf format, please send us an email to before September 27th. The absence of answer will be considered as an acceptation from your part.


370 posters were presented. The final poster list will be available soon on the website.

We also plan to display these posters in pdf format on the future new website of ESA accessible to ESA members before the end of this year. Thus, people willing to display their poster, are invited to send their pdf file to


Unfortunately, there is no more printed version available. CDs including the proceedings, the Dossier d'Agropolis "Agronomy Crops and Cropping systems" and other documents of the congress, will be available for sale by next month (and downloadable from the new ESA website for ESA members). Participants of the Agro2010 congress will also have access to the new ESA website for a duration of one year. Further information will be given soon.

ESA general assembly

Further to the General Assembly held during Agro2010, several decisions were taken for the future of ESA.

I am now Past president and the new President is Fred Stoddart from the University of Helsinky (Finland) where the XIIth ESA congress will take place in 2012. As voted by ESA members during this General Assembly, the 2014 ESA congress will be held in Debrecen in Hungary.

Thanks to the assistance of Agropolis International the ESA board has decided that ESA Secretariat (including a new ESA website) will be ensured by this scientific association under the responsibility of Jacques Wery (member of the ESA board) who will act as executive secretariat for two years until the election of a new executive secretariat

Information on next ESA scientific events

3rd Farming Systems Design Conference scheduled in 2011 (September 26-29, Brisbane, Australia) >>

XII ESA congress - 20 – 24 August 2012, Helsinki, Finland (powerpoint file) >>













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